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A Python mentorship story

Episode #254, published Fri, Mar 6, 2020, recorded Fri, Feb 14, 2020.

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How do you go from poking around at Python code to actually solving real problems, the right way?

There are many paths. The longest one probably is to get a 4-year CS degree. Maybe faster, but pricy as well, is a solid in-person developer bootcamp.

Have you considered reaching out to the community to find a mentor? Many Python meetups have project nights where folks who could help will be attending. If you're up for giving back, maybe you could become a mentor too.

That's what this episode is about. We'll hear from two former guests of Talk Python, Rusti Gregory and Doug Farrell. They teamed up and are back to share their mentorship story!

Links from the show


Rusti Gregory: talkpython.fm
Doug Farrell: @writeson

Doug's Real Python articles: realpython.com
Code Mentor Program: codementor.io
D-Tale Project: github.com
Let Me Google That For You Example: lmgtfy.com
JustPy Web Project: justpy.io
Doug's Well-Grounded Python Dev Book: manning.com
Episode transcripts: talkpython.fm

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