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Talk Python To Me

A podcast on Python and related technologies

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#371 pipx - Installable, Isolated Python Applications

I'm sure you're familiar with package managers for your OS even if you don't use them. On macOS we have Homebrew, Chocolatey on Windows, and apt, yum, and others on Linux. But if you want to install Python applications, you typically have to fallback to managing them with pip. Maybe you install them for your account with the --user flag. But with pipx you get a clean, isolated install for every Python application that you use. And if you distribute Python apps, pipx is a definitely worth considering as a channel.
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Chad Smith
Chad Smith

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Every year, the PSF and JetBrains team up to do a Python community survey. The most recent one was Fall of 2021. For this episode, I've gathered a great group of Python enthusiasts to discuss the results. I think you'll really enjoy the group discussion on this episode.

Alex Waygood
Alex Waygood
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What listeners think

This podcast series is amazing, I started listening today, and I'm committing to listening to at least a series every day, till I get to the top :)) Thank you Michael! This is amazing!
I have learned so much because of this podcast!
Marius Longsword
Best Python podcast!
Thank you Michael - listen to each show - your professional editing and style is something a lot of podcasts should emulate.
Mark Hurley
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Talk Python to Me is a weekly podcast hosted by Michael Kennedy. The show covers a wide array of Python topics as well as many related topics.

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