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A podcast on Python and related technologies

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#365 Solving Negative Engineering Problems with Prefect

How much time do you spend solving negative engineering problems? And can a framework solve them for you? Think of negative engineering as things you do to avoid bad outcomes in software. At the lowest level, this can be writing good error handling with try / except. But it's broader than that: logging, observability (like Sentry tools), retries, failover (as in what you might get from Kubernetes), and so on. We have a great chat with Chris White about Prefect, a tool for data engineers and data scientists meaning to solve many of these problems automatically. But it's a conversation applicable to a broader software development community as well.
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Chris White
Chris White

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Michael Christofides
Michael Christofides
Optimizing PostgreSQL DB Queries with pgMustard

Does your app have a database? Does that database play an important role in how the app operations and users perceive its quality? Most of you probably said yes to the first, and definitely to the second. But what if your DB isn't doing as well as it should? How would you know? And once you know, what do you do about it?

On this episode, we're joined by Michael Christofides, co-creator of pgMustard, to discuss and explore the EXPLAIN command for Postgres and other databases as well as all the recommendations you might dig into as a result of understanding exactly what's happening with you queries.

Fabio Pliger
Fabio Pliger
Say Hello to PyScript (WebAssembly Python)

Despite Python being overwhelmingly popular and positive, there are major areas of computing where Python is not present. Most notably on mobile and on the frontend side of the web. PyScript, a new project launched by Fabio Pliger from Anaconda, just might change that. It was made public and announced at PyCon just two weeks ago by Peter Wang and now has over 10,000 GitHub stars. But what is hype vs. reality vs. projected hopes and dreams? We're going to find out on this episode. Fabio is here to tell us all about his new project.

Reinventing Azure's Python CLI

Andrew Knight
Andrew Knight
End-to-End Web Testing with Playwright

How do you test whether your web sites are working well? Unit tests are great. But for web apps, the number of pieces that have to click together "just so" are many. You have databases, server code (such as a Flask app), server templates (Jinja for example), CSS, Javascript, and even deployment topologies (think nginx + uvicorn). Unit tests won't cover all of that integration. But Playwright does. Playwright is a modern, Pythonic take on testing webs apps using code driving a browser core to interact with web apps the way real users and API clients do. I think you'll find a lot to like there. And we have Pandy Knight from Automation Panda here to break it down for us.

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A must-listen podcast for any aspiring Python professional.
A breathtakingly awesome podcast
Ending off the day by discovering a breathtakingly awesome podcast, the Talk Python To Me podcast covers the people and ideas in Python so well, I am extremely astounded and thankful.
Joshua S.
Better than music!
I've been in love with this podcast since this winter. Even though it talks about technical topics, it is so enjoyable that I listen to it even while working out or going for a run, often preferring it to music.
Carlo O.
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