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Talk Python To Me

A podcast on Python and related technologies

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#401 Migrating 3.8 Million Lines of Python

At some point, you've probably migrated an app from one framework or major runtime version to another. For example, Django to Flask, Python 2 to Python 3, or even Angular to Vue.js. This can be a big challenge. If you had 100s of active devs and millions of lines of code, it's a huge challenge. We have Ben Bariteau from Yelp here to recount their story moving 3.8M lines of code from Python 2 to Python 3. But this is not just a 2-to-3 story. It has many lessons on how to migrate code in many situations. There are plenty of gems to take from his experience.
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Ben Bariteau
Ben Bariteau

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Not a how-to but addictively fascinating. It is neat to see how people are using Python.
JL Texaz
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One of the few programming podcasts that I enjoy every week. There's always one package or tip that's helpful to know. Thank you guys!
Love it
It is really superb in all aspects
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