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A podcast on Python and related technologies

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#456 Building GPT Actions with FastAPI and Pydantic

Do you know what custom GPTs are? They're configurable and shareable chat experiences with a name, logo, custom instructions, conversation starters, access to OpenAI tools, and custom API actions. And, you can build them with Python! Ian Maurer has been doing just that and is here to share his experience building them.
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Ian Maurer
Ian Maurer

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Charles Coggins
Charles Coggins
(up next)
Software Supply Chain Security with Phylum

We've spoken previously about security and software supply chains and we are back at it this episode. We're diving in again with Charles Coggins. Charles works at a software supply chain company and is on to give us the insiders and defender's perspective on how to keep our Python apps and infrastructure safe.

Tony Sherman
Tony Sherman
(and then)
Serverless Python

What is the state of serverless computing and Python in 2024? What are some of the new tools and best practices? We are lucky to have Tony Sherman who has a lot of practical experience with serverless programming on the show.

Frederick Tubiermont
Frederick Tubiermont
I Built A Python SaaS with AI

We all know that tools like ChatGPT have really empowered developers to tackle bigger problems. Are you using TailwindCSS and need a login page? Try asking Chat "What is the HTML for a login page with the login username, password, and button in its own section in the center of the page?" It will literally give you a first pass version of it. But how far can you push this? Fred Tubiermont may have taken it farther than most. He built a functioning SaaS product with paying customers by only using ChatGPT and Python. It's fascinating to hear his story.

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Fun and informative
This podcast has been my starting point and is my frequent return point in my Python adventures. It’s informative and fun... what more do you need?
Love it
It is really superb in all aspects
Interesting and broad focus
Michael does a good job of trying to represent the myriad of areas people use Python as well as the evolution of the language itself.
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