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A podcast on Python and related technologies

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#463 Running on Rust: Granian Web Server

So you've created a web app with Python using Flask, Django, FastAPI, or even Emmett. It works great on your machine. How do you get it out to the world? You'll need a production-ready web server. On this episode, we have Giovanni Barillari to tell us about his relatively-new server named Granian. It promises better performance and much better consistency than many of the more well known ones today.
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Giovanni Barillari
Giovanni Barillari

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Wilhelm Klopp
Wilhelm Klopp
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Ines Montani
Ines Montani
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The AI Revolution Won't Be Monopolized

What listeners think

Great Python Podcast
Talk Python To Me is in the rotation of podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis. The guests are always interesting. The topics are quite often relevant to things I'm working on or thinking about. Michael, the host, also keeps things moving at a good pace and keeps the conversation lively. I also enjoy his "regular questions" at the end of the show. Always good to hear how other folks answer those questions!
One of the best developer related podcasts, assuming you work in Python.
Wow, what a great podcast!
This is currently one of my favorite podcasts. It's intelligent, informative, and is a treasure of not just Python programming, but programming in general. Keep up the good work! Thanks.
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