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Future of Pydantic and FastAPI

Episode #415, published Mon, May 15, 2023, recorded Sun, Apr 23, 2023

The release of Pydantic 2.0, its partial rewrite in Rust, and its refactoring into Pydantic core and top-level Pydantic in Python is big news. In fact, the alpha of Pydantic 2 was just released. Of course, these changes will have potentially wide ranging (and positive!) effects on libraries that are built upon Pydantic such as FastAPI, Beanie, and others. That's why this chance I had to catch up with Samuel Colvin from Pydantic and Sebastián Ramírez from FastAPI together, live from PyCon 2023. It's a super fun and wide ranging interview I'm sure you'll enjoy. Plus, there is a bit of an easter egg in the middle.

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Sebastián Ramírez: @tiangolo
Samuel Colvin: @samuel_colvin

Pydantic V2 Pre Release:
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