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Evaluating New Open Source Tech Panel

Episode #397, published Thu, Jan 5, 2023, recorded Wed, Dec 7, 2022

The beauty of open source software and libraries is that you're not stuck with a single option some vendor is offering. This is especially true when that support is poor and antiquated. Almost any capability you think of has multiple options even for a single language such as Python. Just think about how many web frameworks you can pick today.

But therein lies a new problem: If there are 10 options, how do you choose? Do go for the oldest and potentially most stable? How about the most updated one? Maybe that hot new version that has the fastest adoption curve.

It's not easy. But luckily we have an excellent panel here to discuss exactly that. You'll hear from Emily Morehouse, Cecil Phillip, Kim van Wyk, Łukasz Langa, Gareth Thomas, and Dan Gerlanc.

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Dan Gerlanc:

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