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SQLModel: The New ORM for FastAPI and Beyond

Episode #353, published Fri, Feb 18, 2022, recorded Mon, Jan 17, 2022

Two frameworks that have taken the Python world by storm are FastAPI and Pydantic. Once you already have your data exchange modeled in Pydantic, you might want to use that code for storing it in the database. And, if you have DB models you might want to somehow use them to power and document the APIs built with FastAPI.

But the popular ORMs, such as SQLAlchemy and others, far predate Pydantic. But could they be put together?

Sebastián Ramírez is here to tell us the answer is yes. We're covering his project SQLModel which is the marriage between Pydantic and SQLAlchemy.

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Sebastián Ramírez
Sebastián Ramírez
Sebastián Ramírez (tiangolo) is the creator of FastAPI, Typer, and other open source tools.

He is currently a developer in Berlin, Germany.
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