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Python in the Electrical Energy Sector

Episode #320, published Sat, Jun 12, 2021, recorded Sun, Jun 6, 2021

In this episode, we cover how Python is being used to understand the electrical markets and grid in Australia. Our guest, Jack Simpson, has used Python to uncover a bunch of interesting developments as the country has adopted more and more solar energy. We round out the episode looking at some best practices for high-performance, large-data processing in Pandas and beyond.

In addition to that, we also spend some time on how Jack used Python and Open CV (computer vision) to automate the study of massive bee colonies and behaviors. Spoiler alert: That involved gluing Wing Ding fonts to the backs of bees!

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Links from the show

Jack Simpson:
Bees, lasers, and machine learning:
South Australian Gas Generator Interventions:
PySAM System Advisor Model:
Visualizing the impact of Melbourne’s COVID-19 lockdown on Solar Panel Installations:

Stack Overflow Python graph:
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