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Episode #215, published Thu, Jun 6, 2019, recorded Mon, May 6, 2019.

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Have you ever wondered about the software stack powering Talk Python, the training website, mobile apps, video and audio delivery, and more? While at first glance it might seem pretty simple, there's quite a bit going on. We have our own custom search engines. We deliver 15-20 TB of data per month. Our course video streams from 8 locations throughout the world. Our database server is sending about 12 MBit of traffic / sec with no media in the mix. And it's all powered with Python.

This week is a bit of a role swap. Dan Bader from Real Python is here to interview me about the Talk Python tech stack. But we also get a chance to compare my tech stack with Real Python's, a site which is becoming quite an important one for developers.

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Run Python script as systemd service: gist.github.com
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Dan Bader
Dan Bader
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