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Python Book Authors' Panel Discussion

Episode #148, published Sun, Jan 28, 2018, recorded Sat, Jan 27, 2018

Are you a fan of developer and technical books? Ever wonder what went into the writing of your favorite Python book? This week we peek inside the world of book authorship with a panel of renowned developer-focused authors.

You'll meet Katharine Jarmul, Bruce Eckel, Luciano Ramalho, Dan Bader, and Brian Okken.
Links from the show

Katharine Jarmul: @kjam
Bruce Eckel: @bruceeckel
Luciano Ramalho: @ramalhoorg
Dan Bader: @dbader_org
Brian Okken: @brianokken

Books by author
Katharine Jarmul: Data Wrangling with Python:
Bruce Eckel: Thinking in Java:
Luciano Ramalho: Fluent Python:
Daniel Bader: Python Tricks:
Brian Okken: Python Testing with pytest:

Topics mentioned
538 Data / Article repo:
Hacking your Imposter Syndrome:
#69: Write an Excellent Programming Blog with Jesse Davis:
Getting Real book:
Hustle: The Life Changing Effects of Constant Motion:
From Python to Numpy:
The Stand-up Developer:
Book Builder from Bruce:
Episode transcripts:

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