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Fashion-driven open source software at Zalando

Episode #72, published Fri, Aug 19, 2016, recorded Thu, Aug 11, 2016.

This episode is carbon neutral.
What happens when you take a tech-driven online fashion company that is experiencing explosive growth and infuse it with a deep open-source mission? You'll find out on this episode of Talk Python To Me.

We'll meet Lauri Apple and Rafael Caricio from Zalando where developers there have published almost 200 open source projects on Github.

Lauri AppleRafael Caricio

Links from the show:

Lauri on Twitter: @LauritaApplez
Rafael on Twitter: @rafaelcaricio
Thoughtworks Tech Radar:
Jobs at Zalando:
Zalando at GitHub:
Connexion project:
Patroni project:
What is Swagger?:
NSEnter package:

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