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PuePy: Reactive frontend framework in Python

Episode #469, published Mon, Jul 8, 2024, recorded Thu, Jun 20, 2024

Python is one of the most popular languages of the current era. It dominates data science, it an incredible choice for web development, and its many people's first language. But it's not super great on front-end programing, is it? Frameworks like React, Vue and other JavaScript frameworks rule the browser and few other languages even get a chance to play there. But with pyscript, which I've covered several times on this show, we have the possibility of Python on the front end. Yet it's not really a front end framework, just a runtime in the browser. That's why I'm excited to have Ken Kinder on the podcast to talk about his project PuePy, a reactive frontend framework in Python.

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Michael's Code in a Castle Course: talkpython.fm/castle

Ken Kinder: @bouncing@twit.social
PuePy: puepy.dev
PuePy Docs: docs.puepy.dev
PuePy on Github: github.com
pyscript: pyscript.net
VueJS: vuejs.org
Hello World example: docs.puepy.dev
Tutorial: docs.puepy.dev
Tutorial running at pyscript.com: pyscript.com
Micropython: micropython.org
Pyodide: pyodide.org
PgQueuer: github.com
Writerside: jetbrains.com

Michael's PWA pyscript app: github.com
Michael's demo of a PWA pyscript app: youtube.com
Python iOS Web App with pyscript and offline PWAs video: youtube.com
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