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Data Science Panel at PyCon 2024

Episode #467, published Thu, Jun 20, 2024, recorded Sat, May 18, 2024

I have a special episode for you this time around. We're coming to you live from PyCon 2024. I had the chance to sit down with some amazing people from the data science side of things: Jodie Burchell, Maria Jose Molina-Contreras, and Jessica Greene. We cover a whole set of recent topics from a data science perspective. Though we did have to cut the conversation a bit short as they were coming from and go to talks they were all giving but it was still a pretty deep conversation.

My thanks for JetBrains for providing the spaces and video equipment for this episode at their booth at PyCon. If you want PyCharm Pro for a year at 20% off, just use the code TalkPython and the one need to activate it at jetbrains.com/store. This offer is valid till July 31, 2024.

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Links from the show

Jodie Burchell: @t_redactyl
Jessica Greene: linkedin.com
Maria Jose Molina-Contreras: linkedin.com

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