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uv - The Next Evolution in Python Packages?

Episode #453, published Wed, Mar 13, 2024, recorded Tue, Mar 12, 2024

Have you ever been wait around for pip to do its thing while installing packages or syncing a virtual environment or through some higher level tool such as pip-tools? Then you'll be very excited to hear about the tool just announced from Astral called uv. It's like pip, but 100x faster. Charlie Marsh from Ruff fame and founder of Astral is here to dive in. Let's go.

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Charlie Marsh on Twitter: @charliermarsh
Charlie Marsh on Mastodon: @charliermarsh
Astral: astral.sh
uv: github.com
Ruff: github.com
Ruff Rules: docs.astral.sh
When "Everything" Becomes Too Much: The npm Package Chaos of 2024: socket.dev

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