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Top Quart (async Flask) Extensions

Episode #452, published Sun, Mar 10, 2024, recorded Wed, Jan 10, 2024

Have you heard of Quart? It's the fully-async version of Flask created by Philip Jones who is working closely with the Flask team on these parallel projects. The TL;DR; version is that if you want to take advantage of async and await and you're using Flask, you want to give Quart a solid look. We've spoken to Philip previously about Quart. This time around here's here to share his top Quart extensions and libraries you can adopt today.

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Links from the show

Pallets Team on ExTwitter: @PalletsTeam
Quart Framework: quart.palletsprojects.com
Using Quart Extensions: quart.palletsprojects.com

Quart Tasks: quart-tasks.readthedocs.io
Quart Minify: github.com
Quart Db: github.com
Hypercorn: github.com
Quart-CORS: github.com
Quart-Auth: github.com
Quart-Rate: github.com
Quart-Schma: github.com
Flask-Socket: github.com
Quart-SqlAlchemy: github.com
Flask-Login: github.com
greenback: github.com
secure: github.com
msgspec: jcristharif.com
Server-Sent Events: pgjones.gitlab.io
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Episode transcripts: talkpython.fm

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