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Episode #448, published Thu, Feb 8, 2024, recorded Mon, Jan 8, 2024

So you've created a Python-based open source project and it's started to take off. You're getting contributors, lots of buzz in the podcast space, and more. But you have that day job working on Java. How do you make the transition from popular hobby project to full time job? After all, you are giving away your open source project for free, right? Well, on this episode, I have put together an amazing panel of guests who all have done exactly this: Turned their project into full time work and even companies in some cases. We have Samuel Colvin, Gina Häußge, Sebastián Ramírez, Charlie Marsh, Will McGugan and Eric Holscher on to share their stories.

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Links from the show

Will McGugan: @willmcgugan
Charlie Marsh: @charliermarsh@hachyderm
Sebastián Ramírez: @tiangolo
Samuel Colvin: @samuel_colvin
Gina on Mastodon:
Eric Holscher: @ericholscher

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