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Parallel Python Apps with Sub Interpreters

Episode #447, published Sat, Feb 3, 2024, recorded Tue, Dec 5, 2023

It's an exciting time for the capabilities of Python. We have the Faster CPython initiative going strong, the recent async work, the adoption of typing and on this episode we discuss a new isolation and parallelization capability coming to Python through sub-interpreters. We have Eric Snow who spearheaded the work to get them added to Python 3.12 and is working on the Python API for 3.13 along with Anthony Shaw who has been pushing the boundaries of what you can already do with subinterpreters.

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Anthony Shaw:
Eric Snow:

PEP 684 – A Per-Interpreter GIL:
PEP 734 – Multiple Interpreters in the Stdlib:
Running Python Parallel Applications with Sub Interpreters:
pytest subinterpreters:
Long-Term Vision for a Parallel Python Programming Model?:

Hypercorn Server:
Dill package:
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