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Inside Azure Data Centers with Mark Russinovich

Episode #445, published Fri, Jan 19, 2024, recorded Thu, Nov 16, 2023

When you run your code in the cloud, how much do you know about where it runs? I mean, the hardware it runs on and the data center it runs in? There are just a couple of hyper-scale cloud providers in the world. This episode is a very unique chance to get a deep look inside one of them: Microsoft Azure. Azure is comprised of over 200 physical data centers, each with 100,000s of servers. A look into how code runs on them is fascinating. Our guide for this journey will be Mark Russinovich. Mark is the CTO of Microsoft Azure and a Technical Fellow, Microsoft's senior-most technical position. He's also a bit of a programming hero of mine. Even if you don't host your code in the cloud, I think you'll enjoy this conversation. Let's dive in.
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Mark Russinovich: @markrussinovich
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Zero Day: A Jeff Aiken Novel:
Inside Azure Datacenters:
What runs chatgpt?:
Azure Cobalt ARM chip:
Closing talk by Mark at Ignite 2023:
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