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Celebrating JupyterLab 4 and Jupyter 7 Releases

Episode #438, published Thu, Nov 16, 2023, recorded Mon, Oct 16, 2023

Jupyter Notebooks and Jupyter Lab have to be one of the most important parts of Python when it comes to bring new users to the Python ecosystem and certainly for the day to day work of data scientists and general scientists who have made some of the biggest discoveries of recent times. And that platform has recently gotten a major upgrade with JupyterLab 4 released and Jupyter Notebook being significantly reworked to be based on the changes from JupyterLab as well. We have an excellent panel of guests, Sylvain Corlay, Frederic Collonval, Jeremy Tuloup, and Afshin Darian here to tell us what's new in these and other parts of the Jupyter ecosystem.

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Sylvain Corlay
Frederic Collonval
Jeremy Tuloup
Afshin Darian

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