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Litestar: Effortlessly Build Performant APIs

Episode #433, published Sun, Oct 15, 2023, recorded Wed, Aug 30, 2023

We all know about Flask and Django. And of course FastAPI made a huge splash when it came on the scene a few years ago. But new web frameworks are being created all the time. And they have these earlier frameworks to borrow from as well. On this episode we dive into a new framework gaining a lot of traction called Litestar. Will it be the foundation of your next project? Join me as I get to know Litestar with its maintainers: Jacob Coffee, Janek Nouvertné, and Cody Fincher.

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Links from the show

Jacob Coffee
Jacob on Github:
Jacob on Twitter: @_scriptr
Jacob on Mastodon: @Monorepo

Cody Fincher
Cody on LinkedIn:
Cody on GitHub:

Janek Nouvertné
Janek on GitHub:

Litestar Documentation:
Litestar on Twitter: @LitestarAPI
Litestar on Mastodon: @litestar
Litestar Blog:
Reddit r/Litestar:
Litestar on PyPI:
v2.0 Release:
blacksheep server:
Watch this episode on YouTube:
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