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Taming Flaky Tests

Episode #429, published Mon, Sep 11, 2023, recorded Thu, Aug 10, 2023

We write tests to show us when there are problems with our code. But what if there are intermittent problems with the tests themselves? That can be big hassle. In this episode, we have Gregory Kapfhammer and Owain Parry on the show to share their research and advice for taming flaky tests.

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Gregory Kapfhammer:
Owain Parry on Twitter: @oparry9
Flaky Test Management:
Flaky Test Management (Datadog):
Flaky Test Management (Spotify):
Flaky Test Management (Google):
Detecting Test Pollution:
Surveying the developer experience of flaky tests paper:
Build Kite CI/CD:
Flake It: Finding and Fixing Flaky Test Cases:
CircleCI Test Detection:
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