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10 Tips and Ideas for the Beginner to Expert Python Journey

Episode #427, published Sat, Aug 19, 2023, recorded Wed, Jul 19, 2023

Getting started in Python is pretty easy. There's even a t-shirt that jokes about it: I learned Python, it was a good weekend. But to go from know how to create variables and writing loops, to building amazing things like FastAPI or Instagram, well there is this little gap between those two things. On this episode we welcome Eric Matthes to the show. He has thought a lot about teaching Python and comes to share his 10 tips for going from Python beginner to expert.

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The 10 tips:

* Know your goals
* Have a project in mind
* Don’t limit your learning to what’s needed for your project
* Read good code
* Know your tools
* Learn how to test your code
* Know what’s good enough for any given project
* Embrace refactoring
* Write things down
* Go meet people

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