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Memray: The endgame Python memory profiler

Episode #425, published Fri, Aug 4, 2023, recorded Tue, Jun 20, 2023

Understanding how your Python application is using memory can be tough. First, Python has it's own layer of reused memory (arenas, pools, and blocks) to help it be more efficient. And many important Python packages are built in natively compiled languages like C and Rust often times making that section of your memory opaque. But with Memray, you can way deeper insight into your memory usage. We have Pablo Galindo Salgado and Matt Wozniski back on the show to dive into Memray, the sister project to their pystack one we recently covered.

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Pablo Galindo Salgado: @pyblogsal
Matt Wozniski:
PEP 669 – Low Impact Monitoring for CPython:
Memray discussions:
Mandlebrot Flamegraph example:
Python allocators:
Profiling in Python:
PEP 693 – Python 3.12 Release Schedule:
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