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Python at Netflix

Episode #421, published Sun, Jul 2, 2023, recorded Thu, Jun 8, 2023

When you think of Netflix (as a technology company), you probably imagine them as cloud innovators. They were one of the first companies to go all-in on a massive scale for cloud computing as well as throwing that pesky chaos monkey into the servers. But they have become a hive of amazing Python activity. From their CDN, demand predictions and failover, security, machine learning, executable notebooks and lots more, the Python at play is super interesting. On this episode, we have Zoran Simic and Amjith Ramanujam on the show to give us this rare inside look.

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Links from the show

Zoran on Twitter: @zsimic
Amjith on Mastodon: @amjith@fosstodon.org

Python at Netflix blog post: netflixtechblog.com
pdb++: github.com
Pickley: github.com
Pickley vs. pipx: github.com
DB CLI: dbcli.com
Learn you a Haskell: learnyouahaskell.com
How Much of the Internet's Bandwidth Does Netflix Use?: makeuseof.com
PtPython: github.com
BPython: bpython-interpreter.org
Flask REST-Plus: readthedocs.io
RustUp: rustup.rs
Rye: github.com
PEP 711 - Distributing Python Binaries episode: talkpython.fm
Portable Python: github.com
Python Build Standalone: github.com
How Netflix does failovers in 7 minutes flat: opensource.com
Security Monkey: github.com
Watch this episode on YouTube: youtube.com
Episode transcripts: talkpython.fm

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