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Open Source Sports Analytics with PySport

Episode #416, published Mon, May 22, 2023, recorded Thu, May 11, 2023

If you're looking for fun data sets for learning, for teaching, maybe a conference talk, or even if you're just really into them, sports offers up a continuous stream of rich data that many people can relate to. Yet, accessing that data can be tricky. Sometimes it's locked away in obscure file formats. Other times, the data exists but without a clear API to access it. On this episode, we talk about PySport - something of an awesome list of a wide range of libraries (mostly but not all Python) for accessing a wide variety of sports data from the NFL, NBA, F1, and more. We have Koen Vossen, maintainer of PySport to talk through some of the more popular projects.

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Koen on Twitter: @mr_le_fox
PySport on Twitter: @PySportOrg
Calling R from Python:
PySport Playground:
NBA Stats:
Sports Databases:
Data sets:
Fast F1:
Fast F1 graphics:
Pysport Intro:

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