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Clean Code in Python

Episode #404, published Mon, Feb 20, 2023, recorded Sun, Feb 12, 2023

Clean code is one of those aspects of your programming career that's easy to put on the back burner (sometimes by management more than yourself). But it's important in the short term for writing more debuggable and readable code. And important in the long run for avoiding having your program take on the dreaded "legacy code" moniker. We're fortunate to have Bob Belderbos back on the show. He's been thinking and writing about clean code and Python a lot lately and we'll dive into a bunch of tips you can use right away to make your code cleaner.

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Links from the show

Bob on Mastodon: @bbelderbos@fosstodon.org
PyBites: pybit.es
Tips for clean code in Python article: pybit.es
Refactoring book: pybitesbooks.com
Final type: docs.python.org
Sentinels pattern: python-patterns.guide
Black formater: pypi.org
Guarding clauses: medium.com
ChatGPT: chat.openai.com
Git Precommit: pre-commit.com
#100DaysOfCode in Python course: training.talkpython.fm
#100DaysOfWeb in Python course: training.talkpython.fm
Watch this episode on YouTube: youtube.com
Episode transcripts: talkpython.fm

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