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Episode #395, published Thu, Dec 22, 2022, recorded Mon, Dec 5, 2022

If you maintain projects on places like GitHub, you know that having a classy readme is important and that maintaining a change log can be helpful for you and consumers of the project. It can also be a pain. That's why I'm excited to welcome back Ned Batchelder to the show. He has a lot of tools to help here as well as some opinions we're looking forward to hearing. We cover his tools and a bunch of others he and I found along the way.

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Readme as a Service:
hatch-fancy-pypi-readme: badges:
All Contributors:
Keep a changelog:
Scriv: Changelog management tool:
executablebooks' github activity:
dinghy: A GitHub activity digest tool:
cpython's blurb:
release drafter:
mktestdocs testing code samples in readmes:
Awesome tools for readme:
Tailwind CSS "Landing page":
Poetry "Landing page":
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