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Pyscript powered by MicroPython

Episode #391, published Tue, Nov 29, 2022, recorded Mon, Nov 21, 2022

No Python announcement of 2022 was met with more fanfare than pyscript. This project, announced at PyCon 2022, allows you to write Python files and run them in your browser in place of JavaScript or even with interactions between Python and JavaScript. There was just one catch: The runtime download was a 9MB WebAssembly file. That made its uses quite limited.

On this episode, we dive into some news that might change that calculus. The MicroPython and PyScript folks have been teaming up to get PyScript running in the browser on MicroPython. Yes, that's the embedded chip Python. Here's the good news: MicroPython's WebAssembly is just 300k to download and loads in under 100ms. Now that could unlock some possibilities.

We have Brett Cannon, Nicholas Tollervey, and Fabio Pliger on the show to discuss.

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