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18 awesome asyncio packages in Python

Episode #389, published Wed, Nov 9, 2022, recorded Thu, Nov 3, 2022

If you're a fan of Python's async and await keywords and the powers they unlock, then this episode is for you. We have Timo Furrer here to share a whole bunch of asyncio related Python packages. Timo runs the awesome-asyncio list and he and I picked out some of our favorites to share with you.

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Links from the show

Timo on Twitter: @tuxtimo
awesome-asyncio list:

Some of the highlighted packages
uvicorn - The lightning-fast ASGI server:
Tech Empower Python Framework benchmarks:
aioamqp - AMQP implementation using asyncio:
pyzmq - Python bindings for ZeroMQ:
Scaling Python and Jupyter with ZeroMQ Talk Python episode:
asyncpg - Fast PostgreSQL Database Client:
Piccolo - An ORM / query builder:
motor - The async Python driver for MongoDB:
pytest-asyncio - Pytest support for asyncio:
uvloop - Ultra fast implementation of asyncio event loop:
aiocache - Cache manager for different backends:
aiofiles - File support for asyncio:
aiopath - Asynchronous pathlib for asyncio:
Video: Demystifying Python's Async and Await Keywords - JetBrains TV 2020 (Michael Kennedy):
Michael's full 5 hour async course:
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Episode transcripts:

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Timo Furrer
Timo Furrer
Timo Furrer is an enthusiastic Software Engineer currently working for GitLab as Senior Backend Engineer where he focuses on the "Configuration" and "Operations" stages of the DevOps Lifecycle. He's been working professionally with Python for the last 10+ years and maintains a few Open Source Packages in the Python ecosystem.
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