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18 awesome asyncio packages in Python

Episode #389, published Wed, Nov 9, 2022, recorded Thu, Nov 3, 2022

If you're a fan of Python's async and await keywords and the powers they unlock, then this episode is for you. We have Timo Furrer here to share a whole bunch of asyncio related Python packages. Timo runs the awesome-asyncio list and he and I picked out some of our favorites to share with you.

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Links from the show

Timo on Twitter: @tuxtimo
awesome-asyncio list:

Some of the highlighted packages
uvicorn - The lightning-fast ASGI server:
Tech Empower Python Framework benchmarks:
aioamqp - AMQP implementation using asyncio:
pyzmq - Python bindings for ZeroMQ:
Scaling Python and Jupyter with ZeroMQ Talk Python episode:
asyncpg - Fast PostgreSQL Database Client:
Piccolo - An ORM / query builder:
motor - The async Python driver for MongoDB:
pytest-asyncio - Pytest support for asyncio:
uvloop - Ultra fast implementation of asyncio event loop:
aiocache - Cache manager for different backends:
aiofiles - File support for asyncio:
aiopath - Asynchronous pathlib for asyncio:
Video: Demystifying Python's Async and Await Keywords - JetBrains TV 2020 (Michael Kennedy):
Michael's full 5 hour async course:
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Episode transcripts:

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