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Python Language Summit 2022

Episode #375, published Sat, Jul 30, 2022, recorded Wed, Jun 29, 2022

Every year, the Python core developers and a few other key players in the Python ecosystem meet to discuss the pressing issues and important advancements at an event called the Python Language Summit. While Python is a community known for openness, this meeting is typically held behind closed doors mostly for efficiency's sake. On this episode, we'll give you a look behind that door. We have Alex Waygood here on this episode to break it down for us and give a look inside the summit.

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Links from the show

Alex on Twitter: @alexwaygood

2022 Python Language Summit:

Individual Talks
Python without the GIL:
Reaching a per-interpreter GIL:
The "Faster CPython" project: 3.12 and beyond:
WebAssembly: Python in the browser and beyond:
F-strings in the grammar:
Cinder Async Optimizations:
The issue and PR backlog:
The path forward for immortal objects:

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