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PSF Survey in Review

Episode #374, published Wed, Jul 20, 2022, recorded Thu, Jun 30, 2022

Every year, the PSF and JetBrains team up to do a Python community survey. The most recent one was Fall of 2021. For this episode, I've gathered a great group of Python enthusiasts to discuss the results. I think you'll really enjoy the group discussion on this episode.

We have Gina Häußge, Emily Morehouse-Valcarcel, Tonya Sims, Brett Cannon, Jay Miller, and Paul Everitt to help us with the episode.

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Links from the show

Gina Häußge: @foosel
Emily Morehouse-Valcarcel: @emilyemorehouse
Tonya Sims: @TonyaSims
Brett Cannon: @brettsky
Jay Miller: @kjaymiller
Paul Everitt: @paulweveritt

2021 Survey Results:
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