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Reinventing Azure's Python CLI

Episode #373, published Tue, Jul 12, 2022, recorded Thu, May 12, 2022

Deploying and managing your application after you create it can be a big challenge. Cloud platforms such as Azure have literally hundreds of services. Which ones should you choose? How do you link them together? In this episode, Anthony Shaw and Shayne Boyer share a new CLI tool and template they've created for jump starting you use of modern Python apps and deploying them to Azure. We're talking FastAPI, Beanie and MongoDB, async and await, Bicep DevOps, automated CI/CD pipelines and more. Plus we catch up on other Python work happening that Anthony is involved with. If you're interested in deploying or structuring modern Python apps, you'll find some interesting take aways from our conversation.

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Anthony on Twitter: @anthonypjshaw
Shayne Boyer: @spboyer

Azure azd CLI tools:
Beanie ODM:
Give me back my monolith article:
Python creator Guido van Rossum joins Microsoft:
Making Python Faster with Guido and Mark episode:
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