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Applied mathematics with Python

Episode #372, published Fri, Jul 8, 2022, recorded Wed, Jun 29, 2022

Often when we learn about or work with Math, it's done so in a very detached style. You might learn the rules and techniques for differentiation, for example. But how often do you get to apply them to meaningful and interesting problems? In this episode, we have Vince Knight and Geraint Palmer on to discuss solving a wide variety of applied and approachable math problems using Python. Whether you're deeply into math or not so much, I think there is a lot to enjoy from this episode.

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Applied Mathematics with Open-Source Software: taylorfrancis.com
Book source files: ithub.com
Vince on Twitter: @drvinceknight
Geraint on Twitter: @geraintpalmer
Traces Package: traces.readthedocs.io
A Beautiful Mind: wikipedia.org
Nashpy: github.com
e: The Story of a Number: amazon.com
SymPy episode: talkpython.fm
8451: 8451.com
Stack Overflow Trends: stackoverflow.com
PYCON UK 2017: Python for conducting operational research in healthcare: youtube.com
Ciw package: github.com
Python ternary: github.com

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