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Getting Lazy with Python Imports and PEP 690

Episode #369, published Thu, Jun 16, 2022, recorded Fri, Jun 3, 2022.

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Python is undergoing a performance renaissance. We already have Python 3.11 20-40% faster than even Python 3.10. On this episode, we'll dive into a new proposal to make Python even more efficient using lazy imports laid out in PEP 690. We have all three folks involved on the episode: Carl Meyer, Germán Méndez Bravo, and Barry Warsaw. Are you ready to get into making Python faster still? Let's dive in.

Links from the show

Barry Warsaw: @pumpichank
Germán Méndez Bravo: @germbravo
Carl Meyer: @carljm

PEP 690:
PEP 690 Discussion:
Cinder project:
Python Lazy Imports With Cinder on the Meta blog:

Python performance renaissance:
#339: Making Python Faster:
Performance benchmarks for Python 3.11 are amazing:
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Episode transcripts:

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