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Machine Learning Ethics and Laws Panel

Episode #351, published Thu, Feb 3, 2022, recorded Fri, Dec 17, 2021.

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The world of AI is changing fast. And the AI / ML space is a bit out of the ordinary for software developers. Typically in software, we can prove that given a certain situations, the code will always behave the same. We can point to where and why a decision is made.

ML isn't like that. We set it up and then it takes on a life of its own. Regulators and governments are starting to step in and make rules over AI. The EU is one of the first to do so. That's why it's great to have Ines Montani and Katharine Jarmul, both awesome data scientists and EU residents, here to give us an overview of the coming regulations and other benefits and pitfalls of the AI / ML space.

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Katharine Jarmul on Twitter: @kjam
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Ines Montani on Twitter: @_inesmontani
Explosion AI:

EU proposes new Artificial Intelligence Regulation:
The EU’s leaked AI regulation is ambitious but disappointingly vague:

Facial Recognition Technology Ban Passed by King County Council:

On the Opportunities and Risks of Foundation Models paper:

I don't care about cookies extension:
Everybody hates “FLoC,” Google’s tracking plan:
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