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Time to JIT your Python with Pyjion?

Episode #340, published Wed, Nov 10, 2021, recorded Wed, Nov 3, 2021

Is Python slow? We touched on that question with Guido and Mark last episode. This time we welcome back friend of the show, Anthony Shaw. Here's there to share the massive amount of work he's been doing to answer that question and speed things up where they answer is yes. He's just released version 1.0 of the Pyjion project.

Pyjion is a drop-in JIT compiler for Python 3.10. Pyjion uses the power of the .NET 6 cross-platform JIT compiler to optimize Python code on the fly, with NO changes to your source code required. It runs on Linux, macOS, and Windows, x64 and ARM64.

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Anthony on Twitter: @anthonypjshaw
Restarting Pyjion Presentation:
Hathi: SQL host scanner and dictionary attack tool:
Try Pyjion online:
Pyjion optimizations:
Pyjion docs:
PEP 523:
Pydantic validation decorator:
Tortoise ORM:
NGen AOT Compiler:
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