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Apache Airflow Open-Source Workflow with Python

Episode #330, published Fri, Aug 20, 2021, recorded Thu, Aug 5, 2021.

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If you are working with data pipelines, you definitely need to give Apache Airflow a look. This pure-Python workflow framework is one of the most popular and capable out there. You create your workflows by writing Python code using clever language operators and then you can monitor them and even debug them visually once they get started.

Stop writing manual code or cron-job based code to create data pipelines check out Airflow. We're joined by three excellent guests from the Airflow community: Jarek Potiuk, Kaxil Naik, and Leah Cole.

Links from the show

Jarek Potiuk: linkedin.com
Kaxil Naik: @kaxil
Leah Cole: @leahecole

Airflow site: airflow.apache.org
Airflow on GitHub: github.com
Airflow community: airflow.apache.org
UI: github.com
Helm Chart for Apache Airflow: airflow.apache.org
Airflow Summit: airflowsummit.org
Astronomer: astronomer.io
Astronomer Registry (Easy to search for official and community Providers): registry.astronomer.io
REST API: airflow.apache.org
Contributing: github.com
Airflow Loves Kubernetes talk: airflowsummit.org
Watch YouTube live stream edition: youtube.com
Episode transcripts: talkpython.fm

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