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Geekout: Renewable Energy

Episode #329, published Fri, Aug 13, 2021, recorded Wed, Aug 4, 2021.

This episode is carbon neutral.
We're back with another GeekOut episode. Richard Campbell, a developer and podcaster who also dives deep into science and tech topics, is back for our third GeekOut episode. This time around, we're diving into renewable energy, energy storage, and just what do we do to keep the lights on with our frying our beloved Earth?

Links from the show

Richard on Twitter: @richcampbell

IEA report 2021: iea.org
Flywheel storage: blogspot.com
Crane storage: eni.com
Pumped hydro storage: eurekalert.org
Tesla battery utility-scale: tesla.com
The US’s largest solar farm is canceled because Nevada locals don’t want to look at it: electrek.co
DEVintersection conference (run by Richard): devintersection.com
.NET Rocks Podcast (Richard's a cohost, many geekout episodes): dotnetrocks.com

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Richard Campbell
Richard Campbell
Podcasting at dotnetrocks.com and runasradio.com and building software for disaster relief at htbox.org.
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