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A path into data science

Episode #322, published Fri, Jun 25, 2021, recorded Thu, Jun 10, 2021.

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Are you interested in getting ahead in data science? On this episode, you'll meet Sanyam Bhutani who studied computer science but found his education didn't prepare him for getting a data science-focused job. That's where he started his own path of self-education and advancement. Now he's working at an AI startup and ranking high on Kaggle.

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Sanyam on Twitter: @bhutanisanyam1
Chai Time Data Science Podcast: youtube.com
Fast AI: fast.ai
How not to do Fast.ai (or any ML MOOC): medium.com
First Kaggle Competition Experience: towardsdatascience.com
Kaggle competitions: kaggle.com
Radek Osmulski interview: youtube.com
Dima Damen interview: youtube.com
Andrada Olteanu interview: youtube.com
H2O Wave: wave.h2o.ai
Keras: keras.io
Tensorflow: tensorflow.org
PyTorch: pytorch.org
Quick, Draw! Doodle Recognition Challenge: kaggle.com
Developers, Developers, Developers song: soundcloud.com
YouTube Live Stream: youtube.com
Episode transcripts: talkpython.fm

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Sanyam Bhutani
Sanyam Bhutani
Sanyam Bhutani is the host of Chai Time Data Science & an ML Engineer/AI Content Creator at H2O.ai He is an active Kaggler Master, ranked in the Global Top 1% across 3 categories as well as an active AI blogger on the medium, Hackernoon with 1.5 Million+ Views overall. He has been recognized as hackernoon contributor of the year 2020 in ML and Tutorials and was previously a Top AI & SDC Writer on Medium. Chai Time Data Science Show is an interview series where Sanyam interviews his Data Science heroes about their journey. It has been streamed for 200,000+ times with over 125 episodes recorded with Top Kagglers, Researchers and Practitioners.
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