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Awesome FastAPI extensions and add ons

Episode #315, published Fri, May 7, 2021, recorded Thu, Apr 22, 2021.

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Have you heard that FastAPI is awesome? We have Michael Herman back on the show to help us make it even more awesome with his FastAPI awesome list. He's categorized many extensions and other libraries working with FastAPI to help you be even more efficient with this framework.

Links from the show

Michael on Twitter: @mikeherman
awesome-fastapi list: github.com
FastAPI: fastapi.tiangolo.com
TestDriven.io: TestDriven.io
Monitaur: Monitaur.ai
FastAPI 3-course bundle: testdriven.io/talkpython
Thonny: thonny.org
hotwire-django: github.com
Chameleon decorator for FastAPI: github.com
Jinja2 decorator for FastAPI: github.com
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Michael Herman
Michael Herman
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