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What ML Can Teach Us About Life: 7 Lessons

Episode #309, published Fri, Mar 26, 2021, recorded Fri, Mar 19, 2021.

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Machine learning and data science are full of best practices and important workflows. Can we extrapolate these to our broader lives? Eugene Yan and I give it a shot on this slightly more philosophical episode of Talk Python To Me.

The seven lessons:

1. Data cleaning: Assess what you consume
2. Low vs. high signal data: Seek to disconfirm and update
3. Explore-Exploit: Balance for greater long-term reward
4. Transfer Learning: Books and papers are cheat codes
5. Iterations: Find reps you can tolerate, and iterate fast
6. Overfitting: Focus on intuition and keep learning
7. Ensembling: Diversity is strength

Links from the show

Eugene Yan: @eugeneyan
What Machine Learning Can Teach Us About Life - 7 Lessons article: eugeneyan.com

Maker's schedule vs. manager's schedule: paulgraham.com
Naval Podcast: overcast.fm
How to Write Better with The Why, What, How Framework https://eugeneyan.com/writing/writing-docs-why-what-how/
Resources mentioned towards the end of the podcast: eugeneyan.com/resources

New media example - Metal song decomposed by classical musicians
Opera singer: youtube.com
Composer music: youtube.com

YouTube Live Stream: youtube.com
PyCon Ticket Giveaway: talkpython.fm/pycon2021
Episode transcripts: talkpython.fm

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Eugene Yan
Eugene Yan
Eugene Yan works at the intersection of machine learning & product to build pragmatic, customer-facing ML systems. He's currently an Applied Scientist at Amazon. Previously, he led the data science teams at Lazada and uCare.ai. He writes & speaks about data science, data/ML systems, and career growth at eugeneyan.com and tweets at @eugeneyan.
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