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Python for Astronomy with Dr. Becky

Episode #303, published Fri, Feb 12, 2021, recorded Thu, Feb 4, 2021.

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If you are involved in science or use computational tools in your work, you should be using code to solve your problem. On this episode, we have Dr. Becky Smethurst who's an astrophysicist at Oxford University. She uses Python to explore galaxies and black holes.

Learn how she's using Python to make new discoveries at the cutting edge of research and dive into a couple of her YouTube videos aimed at spreading scientific truth in an entertaining wrapper.

Links from the show

Dr. Becky on Twitter: @drbecky_
Dr. Becky's YouTube channel: youtube.com
5 ways I use code as an astrophysicist video: youtube.com
Astrophysicist reacts to funny space MEMES video: youtube.com
A day in the life of an Oxford University Astrophysicist: youtube.com
Book: Space: 10 things you should know: amazon.com

Apple maps: image
Otter space: image
Eclipses: image
Steals a cow: image
Black holes: image

YouTube live stream: youtube.com
Episode transcripts: talkpython.fm

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Dr. Becky Smethurst
Dr. Becky Smethurst
Dr. Becky Smethurst is an astrophysicist researching how supermassive black holes affect galaxies. She gets overly enthusiastic about space on YouTube at http://youtube.com/drbecky
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