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10 tips every Django developer should know

Episode #277, published Mon, Aug 10, 2020, recorded Sun, Jul 19, 2020.

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We recently covered 10 tips that every Flask developer should know. But we left out a pretty big group in the Python web space: Django developers! And this one is for you. I invited Bob Belderbos, who's been running his SaaS business on Python and Django for several years now, to share his tips and tricks.

The 10 tips

  1. Django Admin
  2. ORM magic
  3. Models
  4. Debugging/Performance Toolbar
  5. Extending the User model
  6. Class based views (CBVs)
  7. manage.py
  8. Write your own middleware
  9. Config variable management with python-decouple and dj-database-url
  10. Built-in template tags and filters

Links from the show

Bob on Twitter: @bbelderbos
Code Challenges Platform: codechalleng.es
PyBites: pybit.es

Django admin: docs.djangoproject.com
Django admin cookbook: books.agiliq.com
Use some Django ORM magic to get the most common first names: twitter.com/pybites
Django custom manager: riptutorial.com
Debug toolbar: django-debug-toolbar.readthedocs.io
select_related: docs.djangoproject.com
Extending the user model / working with signals / @receiver: simpleisbetterthancomplex.com
Class-based views: docs.djangoproject.com
Comparing class and function-based views: github.com/talkpython/100daysofweb
Example of class-based views: github.com/talkpython/100daysofweb
Django command template: gist.github.com
Django middleware example: gist.github.com

Config settings management:
python-decouple: pypi.org
dj-database-url: pypi.org

Useful template tags and filters: docs.djangoproject.com

for-empty: gist.github.com
is_new filter example: gist.github.com
Asynchronous Tasks with Django and Celery: testdriven.io
Celery debugging - CELERY_ALWAYS_EAGER: twitter.com/pybites
secure.py: github.com/TypeError/secure.py
django-tinymce: github.com/aljosa

Extra tools Michael mentioned
BeeKeeper Studio: beekeeperstudio.io
SimpleMDE: simplemde.com
Human time to Python parse string site (the one I forgot): pystrftime.com
Episode transcripts: talkpython.fm

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Bob Belderbos
Bob Belderbos
Bob Belderbos is a passionate Pythonista and software developer. He wants to help make you a well rounded Python developer. It might even be a career changer.
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