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Beautiful Pythonic Refactorings

Episode #275, published Sat, Aug 1, 2020, recorded Thu, Jul 9, 2020

Do you obsess about writing your code just the right way before you get started? Maybe you have some ugly code on your hands and you need to make it better. Either way, refactoring could be your ticket to happier days! On this episode, we'll talk through a powerful example of iteratively refactoring some code until we eventually turn our ugly duckling into a Pythonic beauty.

Conor Hoekstra is our guest on this episode to talk us through refactoring some web scraping code.

Links from the show

The PyCon talk:
Presentation source code:
Conor on Twitter: @code_report
Youtube channel:
Perf example exceptions vs. test:
PyCon Online:
RAPIDS AI project:
Slides from presentation (with 9 refactoring steps):
Talk Python episode on Sourcery:

pip for venv only environment variable
Episode transcripts:

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