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CoCalc: A fully colloborative notebook development environment

Episode #273, published Sat, Jul 18, 2020, recorded Tue, Jul 7, 2020.

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Everyone in the Python space is familiar with Notebooks these days. One of the original notebook environments was SageMath. Created by William Stein, and collaborators, it began as an open-source, Python-based, computational environment focused on mathematicians.

It has since grown into a full-blown company and has become a proper collaborative environment for things like Jupyter notebooks, Linux-backed Bash shells, and much more. Think Google Docs but across all these facets of development in your browser.

We welcome back William Stein to give us an update on his journey from professor to entrepreneur building CoCalc along the way.

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CoCalc: cocalc.com
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Examples/Gallery: share.cocalc.com
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X11 server: xpra.org
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William Stein
William Stein
William Stein is the founder of the SageMath open-source mathematical software project, was a Professor of Mathematics at University of Washington until 2019, and is now the CEO/founder of SageMath, Inc., which is a company that provides the cloud-based open-source mathematical software CoCalc to students and researchers. He has published 3 books and dozens of research papers on number theory.
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