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Python in supply chains: oil rigs, rockets, and lettuce

Episode #270, published Thu, Jun 25, 2020, recorded Wed, Jun 17, 2020.

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On this episode, we are going to weave a thread through three different areas of Python programming that at first seem unlikely to have much in common. Yet, the core will be the same throughout. I think this is a cool lesson to learn as you get deeper into programming and a great story to highlight it.

We are going to meet Ravin Kumar who wrote Python code and data science tooling for oil rig tool manufacturer, a rocket company, and a hip multilocation restaurant chain.

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Ravin on Twitter: @canyon289
PyMC3: pymc.io
Arviz project: arviz-devs.github.io/arviz
pystan project: pystan.readthedocs.io
NumFocus: numfocus.org
Bayesian Decision Making: canyon289.github.io
open-aerospace project: open-aerospace.github.io
SweetGreen: sweetgreen.com
Get notified when Bayesian Computation In Python is out: docs.google.com/forms
Bayesian Analysis with Python Book: packtpub.com
Episode transcripts: talkpython.fm

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Ravin Kumar
Ravin Kumar
Ravin Kumar is a senior engineer that uses data and statistics to inform humans decision making from C Suite long term strategy to ground floor “in the moment” choices. Ravin is (likely) a big proponent of Bayesian statistics and is Core Contributor to PyMC3 and ArviZ. Both are Open Source projects that strive to make Bayesian methods accessible and easy to use and for anybody. Ravin also helps plan community conferences such as PyDataLA, and enjoys building people up as much as he enjoys building code.
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