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Python in supply chains: oil rigs, rockets, and lettuce

Episode #270, published Thu, Jun 25, 2020, recorded Wed, Jun 17, 2020

On this episode, we are going to weave a thread through three different areas of Python programming that at first seem unlikely to have much in common. Yet, the core will be the same throughout. I think this is a cool lesson to learn as you get deeper into programming and a great story to highlight it.

We are going to meet Ravin Kumar who wrote Python code and data science tooling for oil rig tool manufacturer, a rocket company, and a hip multilocation restaurant chain.

Links from the show

Ravin on Twitter: @canyon289
PyMC3: pymc.io
Arviz project: arviz-devs.github.io/arviz
pystan project: pystan.readthedocs.io
NumFocus: numfocus.org
Bayesian Decision Making: canyon289.github.io
open-aerospace project: open-aerospace.github.io
SweetGreen: sweetgreen.com
Get notified when Bayesian Computation In Python is out: docs.google.com/forms
Bayesian Analysis with Python Book: packtpub.com
Episode transcripts: talkpython.fm

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