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HoloViz - a suite of tools for Python visualization

Episode #269, published Fri, Jun 19, 2020, recorded Mon, Jun 15, 2020.

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The toolchain for modern data science can be intimidating. How do you choose between all the data visualization libraries out there? How about creating interactive web apps from those analyses? On this episode, we dive into a project that attempts to bring the whole story together: HoloViz.

HoloViz is a coordinated effort to make browser-based data visualization in Python easier to use, easier to learn, and more powerful. And we have Philipp Rudiger from HoloViz here to guide us through it.

Links from the show

Philipp on Twitter: @PhilippJFR
HoloViews on Twitter: @HoloViews
Panel on Twitter: @Panel_org
Datashader on Twitter: @datashader
Examples: examples.pyviz.org
HoloViz tutorial: holoviz.org
Panel website: panel.holoviz.org
HoloViews website: holoviews.org
GeoViews website: geoviews.org
Project Discourse: discourse.holoviz.org
PyData Berlin talk: youtube.com
Census example: examples.pyviz.org/...
Episode transcripts: talkpython.fm

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Philipp Rudiger
Philipp Rudiger
Philipp Rudiger is a Software Engineer at Anaconda, Inc. developing open-source and client-specific solutions for data management, visualization and analysis. He is the author of the open-source dashboarding and visualization libraries Panel, hvPlot and GeoViews and one of the core developers and maintainers of Bokeh and HoloViews. Before making the switch to software development he completed my Ph.D. and Masters in Computational Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh working on biologically inspired, deep and recurrent neural network models of the mammalian visual system.
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