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Episode #263: SEO for developers

Published Wed, May 6, 2020, recorded Thu, Apr 23, 2020.

This episode is carbon neutral.
As developers and technologists, it's easy to think that powerful and unique ideas will percolate to the top. If we build something amazing, enthusiastic users will find and share our creations.

Sometimes this happens. But more often, success is an iceberg, on so many levels. We are going to look at one of those icebergs on this episode. Join me and Cristian Medina as we discuss SEO, search engine optimization, for developers. Some of your search ranking is out of your control, but as you will see, there are many tools in the developer's toolbox that will directly affect your search rank. Let's dive in!

Links from the show

Cris on Twitter: @tryexceptpass
tryexceptpass: tryexceptpass.org

The Beginner's Guide to SEO: moz.com

webassets Python bundler: pypi.org
PageSpeed Insights: developers.google.com
JSON-LD decriptors and schema.org: moz.com
Imageoptimz: imageoptim.com
Google Search Console: search.google.com
Twitter Card Validator: cards-dev.twitter.com

Cris Medina
Cris Medina
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Born and grew up in the Dominican Republic, where I learned programming from my father. I got my BS in Computer Hardware Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayag├╝ez. Worked over 15 years in the sector with large and medium corps, most of the time in system test engineering. I've built software and hardware test tools, as well as business and end-user apps. Asides from my day job, I run tryexceptpass.org and maintain a few small open source projects.
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