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Talking to cars with Python

Episode #255, published Sat, Mar 14, 2020, recorded Thu, Feb 20, 2020

Modern cars have become mobile computer systems with many small computers running millions of lines of code. On this episode, we plug a little Python into those data streams.

You'll meet Shea Newton, who is a Python developer who has worked on autonomous cars and is currently at ActiveState.

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Shea on Twitter: shnewto

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Roomba Programming:
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Shea Newton
Shea Newton
Shea Newton writes software from Portland, Oregon. Besides talking to cars, some of his favorite things include esolang interpreters, lit zines, flash fiction, grammars for generative poetry, and oxford commas. He’s currently working at ActiveState where they’ve built a platform that allows you to configure and build your own open source language runtime, for the operating system and architecture of your choosing.
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