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Climate change and your Python code

Episode #248, published Fri, Jan 24, 2020, recorded Wed, Dec 11, 2019

The most critical issue of our time is climate change. Yet, when you think about our carbon impact in the software industry, what comes to mind? Business travel? Commuting to the office so you don't miss filing that TPS report? Yeah, those are bad. But data centers, servers, and our apps consume a substantial portion of the total energy used by modern humans.

In this episode, you'll meet Chris Adams. He has been advocating for a greener software environment and has concrete advice to make your Python program more climate-friendly.

The good news is, generally speaking, what we need to do to make our code easier on the planet is the same things we do to make our code faster!
Links from the show

Chris on Twitter: @mrchrisadams
The Green Web Foundation: @greenwebfound
Slides from Chris' talk:

Python profiling tool for co2 emissions:
ImageOptim macOS app:
Sustainable Web Manifesto:
Greenhouse plugin:

Offset air travel

Air travel policy for consultants:
Greening your tech stack newsletter:

Chris' Networked based door access control:
Episode transcripts:

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