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Scaling data science across Python and R

Episode #236, published Tue, Oct 29, 2019, recorded Fri, Sep 27, 2019.

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Do you do data science? Imagine you work with over 200 data scientists. Many of whom have diverse backgrounds or have come from non-CS backgrounds. Some of them want to use Python. Others are keen to work with R.

Your job is to level the playing field across these experts through technical education and build libraries and tooling that are useful both in Python and R.

It sounds like a fun challenge, doesn't it? That's what Ethan Swan and Bradley Boehmke are up to. And they are here to give us a look inside their world!

Links from the show

Guest: Ethan Swan
Website: ethanswan.com
Twitter: @eswan18
GitHub: github.com/eswan18

Guest: Bradley Boehmke
Website: bradleyboehmke.github.io
Twitter: @bradleyboehmke
Github: github.com/bradleyboehmke

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Tech Blog: 8451.com/blog
The Uplow'd Podcast: 8451.com/the-uplowd-by-8451-podcast
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