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Building advanced Pythonic interviews with docassemble

Episode #229, published Thu, Sep 12, 2019, recorded Tue, Aug 27, 2019.

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On this episode, we dive into Python for lawyers and a special tool for conducting legal interviews. Imagine you have to collect details for 20,000 participants in a class-action lawsuit. docassemble, a sweet Python web app, can do it for you with easy.

Now, you may be thinking, I'm not a lawyer so this isn't for me. Hang on for a sec. docassemble is actually a general-purpose tool. If you've ever done anything with a site like survey monkey or Google forms, you could do something more advanced with docassemble.

Join me as I talk with Jonathan Pyle, creator and maintainer of docassemble.

Links from the show

Docassemble: docassemble.org
Python-docx-template: docxtpl.readthedocs.io
Pandoc: pandoc.org
Mako: makotemplates.org
Celery: celeryproject.org
textstat: pypi.org
Flask-SocketIO: flask-socketio.readthedocs.io
SQLAlchemy: sqlalchemy.org
Alembic: pypi.org
pattern.en: clips.uantwerpen.be
Lettuce: lettuce.it
docassemble on Twitter: @docassemble
Episode transcripts: talkpython.fm

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Jonathan Pyle
Jonathan Pyle
Jonathan Pyle is a lawyer and computer programmer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. By day, he works at Philadelphia Legal Assistance, a non-profit that provides free legal representation to low-income people in civil matters. In his spare time, he develops and maintains Docassemble, a free, open-source expert system platform based on Python.
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